About us

About us

ake-014The Massawippi Foundation and Massawippi Trust started out as a series of conversations among area residents, about unprecedented land development around the lake. The concern was two-fold: how will development impact the local environment? How will it impact the local economy? The greatest fear was that ecological and aesthetic changes in key areas around the lake could have a catastrophic effect on the financial well being of all the Lake Massawippi communities. As a result of these conversations, the Massawippi Foundation (FMF) was established in 2010, and the Massawippi Conservation Trust (MCT) in 2011.

The Foundation

The purpose of the Massawippi Foundation (FMF) is to support activities that benefit the people of the Massawippi Valley, or which help to preserve the uniquely beautiful ecosystems of the area.

While FMF assets and decisions stay in local hands, the FMF is a fund of the larger, well-established Community Foundation of Ottawa. For a small fee (1.5% of funds managed per annum), this allows us to keep our administrative costs very low, serve our constituency in French and English, and gives us immediate expertise in the following areas:

  • Manage donor funds effectively
  • Ensure funds are distributed according to donor wishes
  • Provide excellent returns on funds managed
  • Provide official tax receipts
  • Meet all regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Offer professional financial advice to help donors achieve their tax and estate planning needs

For American donors—many of whose families have been coming to the Massawippi Valley for more than a century—the FMF has a similar arrangement with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

What does the Foundation Do?

familyFMF gives money to local community activities. New playgrounds, library renovations, arena projects, environmental reclamation, health and education initiatives, programs across the arts, and more. Any project or activity that benefits the residents of the Massawippi Valley may be eligible for a grant. Grants come from annual earnings on endowed funds. As donors contribute over the years, our hope is that the Foundation’s pool of income-earning funds grows into a permanent source of funding for local activities.

Our Founding Trustees

All trustees are permanent or part-time residents of the Massawippi Valley: Jake Eberts (1941-2012), film producer Margot Graham Heyerhoff, volunteer Carmand Normand, businessman Norman Webster, journalist and newspaper editor Thomas Wilcox, executive director, Baltimore Community Foundation In memoriam: David Rittenhouse, our first Executive Director, university professor, died on August 16, 2011.

Board of Directors

Mme Margot Graham Heyerhoff
Canton de Hatley

Paul Caron
North Hatley

Michel Bull
Canton de Hatley

Robert Charest
Canton de Hatley

Sam Elkas
Canton de Hatley

Jonathan Fortier
Canton de Hatley

Mme Jane Meagher
North Hatley

Mme Patterson Webster
Ste. Catherine de Hatley

Thomas Wilcox
Baltimore, Maryland & Ste. Catherine de Hatley