Massawippi Conservation Trust Receives 34 Acre Scowen Park

In a collaborative effort between the Scowen Family and the municipalities of North Hatley and Canton de Hatley , the two municipalities have donated a 34 acre property known as Scowen Park to the Massawippi Conservation Trust to be protected in perpetuity and to  provide recreational space for the citizens of these communities and for visitors to the area.  In the agreement, one acre with frontage on Capelton Road will be retained by the two municipalities for a future Fire Hall.  With this property, the Trust has now conserved 792 magnificent acres around Lake Massawippi since its inception in 2012.

Martha Maksym who represented the Scowen Family in the discussions, had these words about the transfer:  “The Scowen Family is so grateful to the Massawippi Conservation Trust for making our father/grandfather’s dream for Scowen Park as a recreational area to benefit the people of North Hatley and Canton de Hatley a reality.  And, our thanks to the two municipalities for agreeing to donate the land.  A win-win for everyone involved.”

Margot Heyerhoff, Chair of the Massawippi Foundation added that “The Massawippi Conservation Trust is honoured to be the new proprietor of this lovely property where, with easy access, people will be able to explore its ecological diversity.”

‘La cession du Parc Scowen à la Fiducie de conservation Massawippi permet de joinder deux objectifs partagés par la famille Scowen et les municipalités: proteger le parc comme espace vert pour l’avenir et le render accessible au public par le développement de sentiers.  De plus, il rejoint un autre objectif des municipalités au niveau de la securité publique en réservant un acre en bordure du chemin public pour la construction éeventuelle d’un caserne de pompiers.’ said Canton de Hatley Mayor Martin Primeau.

The Trust has already begun work on creating a natural and easy hiking trail in the park so that all age groups may enjoy the variety of life existing inside this beautiful forest and to ensure that the four tenets of conservation – protection, education, research and recreation – are fulfilled.

The Massawippi Conservation Trust is a registered charity whose purpose is to protect ecologically important land in the Massawippi Valley in perpetuity.  It is an affiliate member of the Appalachian Corridor Association and a member of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.


From left to right : Paul Caron, administrator; Norman Webster, administrator; Martha Maksym,
Scowen family representative; Margot Heyerhoff, president of the Massawippi Foundation.

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