IMG_4347-001The Fondation Massawippi Foundation is about people helping people as much as it is about receiving monetary donations to do our work.

Here is a short list of the many ways that citizens of the communities in the Massawippi Valley can help:

  • Volunteer for administrative work
  • Help with fundraising;
  • Use your skills and expertise on a community project with Massawippi Vision 2000;
  • Contribute gifts in kind such as building materials for a specific project;
  • Contribute equipment or machinery for use during a specific project;
  • Join our Property Stewardship Committee.

Join our trail building team

Five Reasons to volunteer for conservation:
  • Learn new skills;
  • Visit some gorgeous landscapes;
  • Contribute to a cause that meaningful to you;
  • Know that you are doing something good for your health and the planet;
  • Make new friends.

Plus as an added bonus, an Ipsos Reid poll found that nine in 10 Canadians agree that the more connected they feel to nature, the happier they are.

To volunteer, contact us